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Beauty Queens Chapter 22

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 22

  • The pirates and beauty queens (some of them) get drunk. Especially Adina.
  • Nicole notices something between Petra and Sinjin, and steers the party away to give them privacy.
  • Petra tells Sinjin her story, and then asks for his. He doesn't know what to say, so he combines several Charles Dickens stories, using lots of puns in the process. This makes Petra laugh.
  • The truth is, Sinjin has no big trauma in his past. He's lived a happy life. Lucky boy.
  • After getting him to promise he's not into her because of curiosity, Petra kisses Sinjin. Then she decides to give him a makeover.
  • Nicole's end of the party (the non-drinking end) hangs out, making music, while Shanti raps.
  • Sinjin calls everyone over to show off his makeover, which includes a feather boa, teased curls, and black eyeliner. Foxy.
  • The makeover makes him spill the beans about the real reason the pirates wound up on the island: they were trying to take the boat out to boost their ratings, and saw The Corporation trafficking humans. The Corporation shot at them, and they were on the run when they were blown off-course. The plot thickens.
  • Adina and Duff go for a walk.
  • They talk about their tragic wounds. Duff's sister died of leukemia. Adina tells him about her mother and the many boyfriends, and Duff says that his dad's the same way with girls. They go skinny-dipping.
  • Then they're in Duff's cabin on the ship. They're about to have sex, but Duff doesn't have a condom. He promises to pull out in time, which Adina tells him is really messed up. Stand up for yourself, girl.
  • Duff steals a condom from Sinjin's cabin, and then it's a go.
  • Back on the beach, Sosie is dancing alone. She's craving time away from Jennifer, but isn't about to tell her that.
  • Back in the volcano-building, Agent Jones is in a bad mood because Tane didn't tell him anything. Harris leaves the ship, having planted a bomb in there.

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