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Beauty Queens Chapter 23

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 23

  • Adina returns to the beach the next day and tells Mary Lou all about her adventures with Duff.
  • Then she heads back to the ship to get some ramen. Good thinking. But in Duff's cabin, she notices a camera. Turns out he has a video blog called Pirate Casanova, and he'd secretly recorded them having sex. Scumbag!
  • She smashes the camera to pieces. Mary Lou finds her crying.
  • Adina says she's stupid and just like her mother, but Mary Lou tells her she didn't do anything wrong. Which is a good trigger to make Mary Lou realize that her curse isn't about sex: it's about whether you let yourself feel ashamed about it.
  • Mary Lou finds Duff and punches him out in front of everyone. Good response.
  • Petra and Sinjin have their own confrontation afterward, and Sinjin promises her he isn't live-blogging about them. She believes him.
  • Sosie and Jennifer are trying to wash pitch from the ship off their hands and talking about the situation. Sosie realizes that while she isn't as bad as Duff, she's still going hurt Jennifer because she doesn't like her enough. She breaks up with her.
  • She asks if they can still be friends, but Jennifer can't imagine that.
  • There's a script for a commercial at the end. It's for a movie called Wedding Day 3: Third Time's the Charm, a movie where a woman named Charlie learns to settle for a guy who isn't that great. Inspiring. (Not.)

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