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Beauty Queens Chapter 25

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 25

  • Duff tries to apologize to Adina while she fixes the fishing lines. In the middle of it, a dead body washes toward her. If you're ever struggling with an apology, a corpse is a good way to get through it.
  • Petra and Sinjin are kissing, but Sinjin's trying to figure out what's wrong on the island. He asks Petra if they're on some competing reality show, or if they're obstacles on his show.
  • Then Nicole runs by, telling them about the body.
  • There are no identifying marks on the body besides his black shirt. How mysterious.
  • The next scene is a call between MoMo ChaCha and Ladybird Hope.
  • Momo is worried that Ladybird wants to get rid of him. He says he has an incriminating video of her.
  • Ladybird assures him that she will marry him after their deal, which is set to happen in three days.
  • In the next scene, Agent Jones talks to Ladybird on a screen. Ladybird tells him that The Corporation has decided to kill MoMo and take over his country. Sounds like a solid political move.
  • And there's more: in order to get America to approve the action, she wants to frame MoMo for killing the Teen Dream contestants on live TV.
  • Agent Jones considers not doing it, but then Harris taunts him. Instead of early retirement (tempting), he decides to carry out the mission so he will be respected.

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