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Beauty Queens Chapter 28

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 28

  • The Corporation people give the Teen Dreams water and drive them to the compound. Harris gives them cookies and tries to tell them not to eat too much, but the girls wolf them down.
  • Nicole asks if they've seen Mary Lou. Agent Jones says they found her and sent her home. The girls think it's weird that Mary Lou wouldn't stay to help rescue them, but the promise of a shower distracts them. It's the first trick in the book.
  • Post-shower, Agent Jones takes the girls into Corporation headquarters. They head into a meeting room, where Ladybird Hope is on-screen.
  • The girls try to tell her how they survived, but Ladybird only calls it "cute." (28.70)
  • Ladybird tells them she wants them to do a pageant on the island. The girls would rather return home, but Ladybird guilts them into it. Then she sends them away to sample beauty products.

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