Study Guide

Beauty Queens Chapter 29

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 29

  • Mary Lou and Tane are tied together, dangling from a hook over a tank of piranhas. They are slowly being lowered in.
  • Tane points out that their death is like something out of Greek mythology. He mentions two stories where humans are punished for trying to break out: Prometheus for bringing Zeus' fire from earth to enlighten mankind, and Princess Andromeda getting sacrificed because her mom bragged about her beauty. Luckily, Andromeda was rescued by Perseus.
  • Mary Lou gets annoyed that only the pure girls get rescued. (Plus, why can't girls do the rescuing themselves?)
  • Tane tells Mary Lou he loves her even though she isn't pure. That's sweet.
  • Mary Lou decides to quit waiting to get recued and to try and swing them both toward shore. Which is more than Andromeda could say for herself.
  • The rope almost breaks, but they manage it.

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