Study Guide

Beauty Queens Chapter 3

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 3

  • Both groups meet back up on the beach. The Lost Girls report that there are no other survivors. All the adults are gone. The Sparkle Ponies show the group what they've salvaged: a weird mix of blankets, airline pretzels, and beauty products.
  • Taylor wants to keep practicing for the pageant, but Adina thinks they should focus on food, water, and shelter. They compete for Team Captain by giving impromptu speeches, and Taylor is elected. They'll start pageant prep the next morning.
  • Miss New Mexico panics because there's an airline tray stuck in her forehead and Nicole (who is pre-pre-med) says they can't remove it without surgery.
  • Nicole notes the ominous clouds and thinks they should find higher ground in case of flash floods. The girls set out to find firewood and a place to camp for the night.

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