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Beauty Queens Chapter 30

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 30

  • Harris shows the beauty queens around. Adina hears the passing black shirts say, "Tane Ngata." Everyone gets suspicious when she points that out, so she pretends she's just doing vocal exercises. Lucky for her everyone just buys that a beauty queen would do something like that.
  • In their room, the Teen Dreams feel like something's off. They're sent French fries and soda, but can't enjoy themselves.
  • Tiara asks why Mary Lou would have been sent away if they want the girls to do a pageant.
  • Agent Jones enters and asks them where Miss Texas is, but Adina pretends she died. Agent Jones talks about his daughters, which would be kind of cute, except he changes their ages from when he mentioned them last time.
  • When he leaves, Adina, Petra, Tiara, Nicole, Shanti, and Jennifer sneak out to figure out what's going on.
  • Men guard the volcano's secret door, and the girls try to figure out how to distract them and get inside.
  • Tiara walks out and asks the guards if she can go in to get some gummy bears from the vending machine, and the other girls join her, playing dumb.
  • It works! Either they think the girls are really dumb, or they agree that gummy bears are delicious. The guards let them in.

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