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Beauty Queens Chapter 31

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 31

  • The girls take some gummy bears and a few beauty products for good measure, and head to the fifth floor. They spot a guard walking by.
  • Tiara tells him he's lost. Jennifer tries to pinch the guard's neck but gets the wrong spot. Then Petra shows her where it is. Nighty-night, Mr. Guard. Girl knows how to defend herself.
  • The girls swipe the guard's card and find themselves in a weapons arsenal.
  • Harris finds them. He locks the door and swings his gold club at them until they're cornered.
  • Nicole thinks quick and sprays hairspray in his face like mace. While he's busy being in pain, the girls tie him up with panty hose and gag him using a maxi pad. Nice.
  • Harris tells them that they'll be killed during the beauty pageant so that The Corporation can frame MoMo for their deaths and start a war with him. Well, that answers that question.
  • The Teen Dreams force Harris to take them to Mary Lou. They see the broken hook and think she died, but then Mary Lou and Tane show up. Sup, guys.
  • The girls fill Mary Lou in. Mary Lou and Tane plan to commandeer MoMo's yacht once he arrives. Good plan. The girls will have to pretend to do the pageant and somehow make their way back to the docking cave.
  • The Teen Dreams (minus Mary Lou) tie Harris to a rock and head back to the entrance.
  • The chapter ends with a commercial for a new product: Maxi-Pad Pets. Sounds only slightly less cool than maxi-pad gags.

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