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Beauty Queens Chapter 32

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 32

  • The Teen Dreams plan their pageant. They decide to peel away a few at a time during the final dance number to get to the yacht.
  • The agents cut down the girls' huts and use the wood to build the stage for the pageant. They didn't ask first. So much for the huts they came to call home.
  • The girls practice loudly to give cover while Adina looks for Taylor.
  • Adina asks Taylor to help them, but Taylor is really messed up. She says, "I just wanted to be somebody." (32.46) Adina assures her she is somebody, but Taylor keeps talking to an imaginary crowd instead of to Adina.
  • In a classified section, MoMo dons an Elvis outfit as his yacht sails into the docking center. Fashionable. Agent Jones meets him at the dock.
  • A black shirt asks Agent Jones about pageant lighting, and MoMo demands to watch the pageant before he gives them the weapons. Agent Jones is forced to drive him to it.

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