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Beauty Queens Chapter 37

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 37

  • The girls scatter in groups in different directions. The beach is on fire in the background. It just keeps getting more intense.
  • Shanti and Nicole run toward the ruined temple and hide from the black shirts chasing them. It seems like they'll be found, but Shanti whispers to the spirits of the temple in a sort-of prayer. A strong wind blows, driving the black shirts back and away. That's a new twist.
  • On MoMo's yacht, Mary Lou waves at the firing ship. Turns out it's Sinjin and his crew. Good timing, right? They stop firing.
  • Misses New Mexico, Ohio, Montana, and Arkansas fire at black shirts with their homemade weapons. Then they take the guys' guns and head for the compound.
  • Jennifer and Sosie make up. You'd think they'd be busy with the trying-to-survive thing, but Sosie doesn't want to go down angry at each other. That's nice.
  • Taylor leads Adina to her arsenal. She tells Adina that being alone has made her love herself. They disable a lot of black shirts, but Agent Jones aims for Taylor. She leaves, luring him deeper into the jungle.

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