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Beauty Queens Chapter 38

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 38

  • Harris has escaped. He grabs an AK-47 (funny that's just lying around) and raises it at Taylor and Petra. He tries to make Tiara say, "I'm dumb," (38.21) but then a giant snake swallows him and slithers away.
  • How do these snakes know the most convenient times to show up?
  • Adina takes a wrong turn and winds up on the beach, where she finds Duff. Time for the lovers to make up?
  • No. They're stopped by MoMo.
  • Duff lets it slip that he's on the show Captain Bodacious. MoMo is a giant fan and wants to play like he's on the show. How? By trying to make Duff and Adina walk the plank.
  • They get out of it by telling MoMo that Ladybird Hope is there, and that they'll take him to her. Lucky he's crazy enough to believe them.
  • Taylor steals Agent Jones' hallucinogenic darts and shoots him. Payback.
  • The pirates and girls make it to the corporate conference room and are joined by Adina, Duff, MoMo, and a hallucinating Agent Jones. Let the party begin.
  • Ladybird Hope appears on the screen and tells them she's about to go on Barry Rex Live and announce their deaths. Then she locks the doors and adds that she rigged the compound to blow up.
  • Agent Jones dreamily says that they have to create a PowerPoint to override the system. Who knew office skills could save lives?

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