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Beauty Queens Chapter 41

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 41

  • The girls and pirates fill Nicole in on what happened.
  • The volcano, as it turned out, had not erupted. The jars of Lady 'Stache Off inside it exploded, and Nicole was thrown by the explosion. Once again, the brown girl is the one to go down (at least she survived).
  • Duff tries to get back together with Adina, but she's having none of it. She realizes that she isn't like her mother because she won't date a boy to help her love herself. Bye, Duff.
  • Mary Lou announces that she and Tane will co-captain. She even lets herself brag a little. Self-confidence boosts all around.
  • Jennifer gives Agent Jones, who is recovering from the darts, some hazelnut coffee. Wasn't he a bad guy a minute ago?
  • Shanti says they have one last thing to do.
  • Cut to the script of Barry Rex Live! Ladybird is prepared to announce the girls' deaths. But she's in for a surprise: the girls appear, waving, on the live feed. Not Ladybird's best moment.
  • They leave the show with their PowerPoint and Ladybird's sex tape, which starts playing.

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