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Beauty Queens Chapter 42

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 42

  • The Teen Dream pageant was highly rated, but then cancelled because it lost sponsorship from The Corporation.
  • Everyone is focused on Ladybird's sex scandal, not the other terrible things The Corporation has done. Guess some things are more interesting than corporations trying to make money, kill people, and generally take over world politics.
  • Adina thinks about Taylor. They'd looked everywhere for her but eventually left without her.
  • Taylor isn't dead, though. The narration cuts to her. There's a giant snake draped over her shoulders and she's ready to clean up the mess on the island and start a new life. Powerful.
  • There's a commercial break, this time showing beauty queens on an island advertising B****in' Babes lipstick. There are technical difficulties, and the commercial cuts out before it can end. Finally, enforced beauty standards shut down.

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