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Beauty Queens Chapter 6

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 6

  • Bingo. Petra wakes up before the other contestants and searches the sand for her overnight bag.
  • She flashes back to her childhood trying on her mother's makeup, and to a more recent memory of her mom in chemo, telling her to go after her dreams. Deep.
  • The other girls wake up. Adina tells them about the flashing lights, but Taylor shrugs it off as "battle fatigue" (6.20).
  • Petra goes off to search for her overnight bag, and the rest of the girls practice their dance steps. They don't gel well.
  • Adina is appointed to ask the questions so the Teen Dreamers can practice for the interview round. She asks Miss Alabama if the pageant promotes an unrealistic too-thin standard of beauty, but Alabama misses the memo. Miss Ohio practices trying to get noticed by being the "naughty one." (6.66)
  • Adina asks Nicole if she thinks the pageant is racist, since Nicole is the only Black contestant. Nicole secretly resents being asked to speak for her whole race, but deflects the question by naming all the non-white contestants who have been runners-up.
  • Miss Michigan gets hostile with Adina. It's her first pageant circuit; she was enlisted as part of a program for at-risk girls. Yikes.
  • As Tiara (Miss Mississippi) botches her answer, Petra runs into the water for something. The others think it's a ship, but it turns out to be her overnight bag.
  • Ominously large waves start coming in, chasing the girls into the heart of the island. Nicole, Shanti, Tiara, and Petra climb a tree, but the tree breaks as Petra clings to her overnight case, and the girls are washed over a waterfall. What is up with this island?
  • Jennifer goes her own way, while the rest of the girls climb a mountain, but fall in a mudslide. Seriously, no wonder this place is (mostly) uninhabited.
  • Scene change! A script for the show Barry Rex Live is next, and Ladybird Hope is being interviewed. She says they're doing everything to find the girls and bring them back.
  • She also rebuffs Barry's insinuations that the plane belonged to the Corporation. She blames the incident on a terrorist attack. She seems to be running for president? Okay.
  • The chapter ends with a questionnaire filled out by Jennifer Huberman, a.k.a. Miss Michigan. Jennifer is mechanical, a comic books fiend, and used to be in juvie.

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