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Beauty Queens Chapter 7

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 7

  • This chapter begins with…you guessed it—Jennifer! We're told that she doesn't mind being alone because she has been ever since she stopped spending time with her grandmother. Grandma told her that God didn't like her because she's a lesbian.
  • A girl emerges from the trees with a cut-off sash that reads Miss Illin. Jennifer introduces herself, but before the girl can respond, she is swallowed whole by a giant snake.
  • The snake turns on Jennifer, who tries to get to a spear that happens to be lying there. Meanwhile, the bulge that is the other girl is struggling to get out of the snake.
  • Jennifer gets the spear and stabs the snake while the other girl lodges something between the snake's teeth and climbs out. The snake bites down on the jar between its teeth and explodes.
  • The girl introduces herself as Sosie. She's hearing-impaired, so Jennifer has to repeat herself a few times. Sosie teaches Jennifer a few simple signs.
  • Looking at the snake's insides, Sosie and Jennifer realize the snake was sick. The jar the snake bit down on was of Lady 'Stache Off. Sounds sick to us…
  • Sosie leads Jennifer to what looks like an ancient temple. They find a radio and military rations. Sosie and Jennifer share a chocolate bar. Mm.
  • Next questionnaire! This one's filled out by Shanti, who's Miss California. Shanti has a wide range of skills. She also mentions her Indian heritage a few times, and says her biggest fear is failure.

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