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Beauty Queens Chapter 9

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 9

  • Taylor and her group reach the beach. They're so hungry that they're turning on each other.
  • Mary Lou comes up with the idea to make spears for fishing out of sticks and pumice stones. Nah—it would take them forever to whittle down the pumice stones.
  • Taylor nominates the complaining Adina to eat a grub. She refuses, and Taylor says her problem is she doesn't have any trust. The girls chant her name, and then cheer when she eats the grub.
  • Meanwhile, on another part of the island, Tiara wakes up to Petra singing. She sees Petra bathing naked in the water, and when Petra turns around, Tiara sees that she's biologically male. Surprise!
  • Petra has to explain to the group that she's transgender. (Oh, and also the fun fact that she used to be J.T., a member of Boyz Will B Boyz. Or won't B, as she's there to prove.)
  • Tiara's mom says transgender people are going against God's will, and Petra points out her mom isn't so great for making her compete in beauty pageants since she was a baby.
  • Petra tells the group that she joined Miss Teen Dream because her transgender activist group gave her hormones and said they'd pay for her sex reassignment surgery if she competes and then has a press conference revealing that she's transgender. Good deal.
  • Shanti wants to report her for breaking the rule that you have to be female to enter the pageant. Spoilsport.
  • Nicole doesn't know what to do. Neither does Tiara.

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