Study Guide

Beauty Queens Epilogue

By Libba Bray

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  • Shanti DJs a Teen Dream-style runway walk. As each of the girls pose, we get a snapshot of their futures from the narrator.
  • Mary Lou marries Tane and becomes an adventurer. Petra marries Sinjin, who also wears heels. Progressive.
  • Sosie lives out her dance dreams and helps kids with disabilities. She's dating a boy, for now. Jennifer, on the other hand, co-owns a comic book store with her wife and runs Girl Con. It came true!
  • Nicole becomes surgeon general, Tiara becomes a part-time interior decorator and a mom, Adina becomes a journalist, and Shanti becomes the CEO of Shanticeuticals and a weekend DJ. If only getting stuck on an island always led to such success stories.
  • In the present, the girls all dance together, happy and proud of themselves. And the path to future is paved.

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