Study Guide

Beauty Queens Prologue

By Libba Bray


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  • This prologue gets right to the point: "This book begins with a plane crash." (P.1)
  • It follows this promising line up by telling us, the readers, not to worry. Whew.
  • The voice of the prologue is that of The Corporation, which seems to sell beauty products, but does a little more, too. It encourages us to report anything suspicious, and defines suspicious as "an idea that challenges the status quo." (P.2)
  • The Corporation also hints that there may be the threat of war, and in the same paragraph, tells us "This is a happy story." (P.4) Encouraging.
  • A scene is set: a plane carrying 50 beauty pageant contestants, a pilot in the cockpit noticing flames coming from the engine, one girl leading the rest in a comforting song about Jesus.
  • The engine cuts out, and the plane nosedives toward an island.

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