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Belle Prater's Boy Narrator Point of View

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Narrator Point of View

First Person (Central)

The book is told from Gypsy's point of view, which is great since she's the main character. She leads readers through everything that happens to her over the course of the year after her cousin Woodrow moves in next door.

Because everything is told from Gypsy's point of view, we learn information as it comes to herlike when she meets Blind Benny and finds out that he was friends with her father, and that Amos gave him a free room at the hardware store. As Gypsy's understanding of her father changes, so does ours because we're right there with her.

We also get glimpses of Gypsy's inner psyche. On the surface, she seems like a perfectly happy twelve-year-old girl who has everything, but because we see the story from her perspective, we know that she's not that happy and that's she's repressing the pain and trauma of her father's suicide. Without being in her head, we might assess Gypsy the way everyone else does—as just another pretty face.

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