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Belle Prater's Boy Writing Style

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Writing Style

Straight-shooting Storyteller

The writing style of Belle Prater's Boy is extremely straightforward. Gypsy is telling a story as though she's recounting it to a close friend, which means that the writing is simple, while all conversations are transcribed exactly like they happen:

"But why? It's so beautiful! Nobody has hair like yours, Gypsy."

"That's for sure. And you wanna know why you don't see other people running around with their hair down to their butt? Because it's so much work! That's all I do is take care of my hair! It's disgusting." (6.86-87)

The writing in the book focuses on the way people really talk, bringing the relationships between characters to the fore while also keeping the plot moving. This book is about what's happened to a group of people, and the writing style really keeps readers' eyes on the prize.

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