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Belle Prater's Boy Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • When Gypsy's mother comes in to see her, she's obviously upset, but at least she's been warned by Porter not to yell at Gypsy for cutting off her hair.
  • Gypsy tells her that she wants to talk about her father—that it's been hard not being able to talk about him openly all of these years and pretending that he didn't kill himself.
  • Her mother is obviously uncomfortable, but she says that her father killed himself because he was in a deep depression, and that looks were always too important to him. He couldn't live with his disfigured face.
  • Gypsy asks if she'll ever stop feeling mad at him, and her mother assures her that over time she'll forgive him… just like her mother did.
  • Later on, Grandpa brings Gypsy a piece of chocolate cake and tells her about Woodrow's fight at school. He's proud of Woodrow, even though he's supposed to disapprove of fighting.
  • Woodrow is grounded for two weeks for fighting and Gypsy subjects herself to the same thing in solidarity—and because she doesn't want to go out with her messed up hair.
  • Porter takes her to the barbershop and they fix it up. Then Clint Akers, the barber, tells her that this is all the rage in New York and they call it the pixie. Gypsy tells him that they should start a trend and call it a Dixie Pixie around here.
  • Gypsy is nervous about going back to school, but she knows that she'll get through it no matter what the other kids say. She's strong.

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