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Belle Prater's Boy Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • While Granny bakes a cake for Porter, Gypsy asks her why she named her daughter Belle. Granny says it's because they wanted her to be the belle of the ball—but it turns out that her sister, Love, was always the belle of every ball. Love was the pretty one.
  • Poor Aunt Belle was plain and wanted to get the same attention that her sister did; all the boys were super drawn to Love.
  • When Love went to college to become a teacher, Belle finally had boyfriends of her own. And then she met Amos Leemaster, Gypsy's father.
  • Apparently Amos was Aunt Belle's sweetheart first, and he was the most handsome dude ever. He opened a hardware store, started the Civic League, and ran the volunteer fire department. Belle was completely obsessed with him.
  • But then Love came home from college and Amos immediately fell in love with her instead. Poor, poor Belle.
  • Then Granny asks Gypsy if she bought Porter a gift and gets mad when Gypsy says that he's not her father so she doesn't have to get him anything.
  • Gypsy used to like Porter Dotson just fine when he was just the guy in town who ran the newspaper. But then he married her mama and she started to hate him.
  • Now she just gives him the silent treatment all the time, and he has no idea how to react. Granny looks out the window and says that Woodrow and Grandpa are coming—it's time for lunch.

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