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Belle Prater's Boy Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • On their walk to school the next day, Woodrow tells Gypsy that he's sorry about her dad and that he didn't know all the details until Granny told him last night.
  • He also brings up the time that she was yelling, "Don't look in the window!" at the movie—that was obviously related to her memory of finding her dad.
  • He admits that he's always been jealous of her because she's pretty and seems to have things easy, but he was clearly wrong; she's gone through a whole lot that he couldn't even imagine.
  • One of the girls at school runs out to meet them and seems shocked at Gypsy's hair. Gypsy immediately acts super confident and starts sashaying around, saying that it's a Dixie Pixie and is the latest thing out of New York City.
  • In no time at all, the other kids are agreeing that it's super fashionable and saying they want to go get their hair cut, too. Gypsy should consider a future career in advertising—this girl can sell anything.
  • The very next day, a bunch of girls at school show up with short hair, and about thirty more plan to get theirs done over the weekend. Gypsy's started a new trend.

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