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Belle Prater's Boy Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Even though he's grounded, Woodrow sneaks over to Gypsy's window that night and says they should go on an adventure and join Blind Benny on his rounds.
  • Blind Benny has new shoes and says that the guys at the hardware store bought them for him. They're like family to him, and he has Gypsy's mother and father to thank for that.
  • Gypsy is curious and asks him to tell her the story. He says that he came from Kentucky and because he was blind and starving, he became a sin eater—someone who eats at a banquet when someone dies and takes on all the dead person's sins so that they can go to heaven.
  • The sin eater is always shunned because he's so full of other people's sins. But then Amos Leemaster met Benny and told him that it was just a bunch of superstition.
  • Amos invited Blind Benny to join him in Coal Station and gave him a room above his hardware store along with food to eat.
  • Blind Benny does all he can to help out in the store and in the volunteer fire department, but he can't help that much because he's blind. Still, he's gotten to live in that hardware store for fifteen years now.
  • And even after Amos died and Love sold the store, she put it in legal writing that Blind Benny would always get to keep his room. Isn't that nice of her?
  • They go wandering up the railroad tracks and all the neighborhood dogs come out and follow Blind Benny as he walks.
  • Gypsy tells a funny joke and Blind Benny starts singing, and they're all having a grand old time. Blind Benny says that he misses Amos because he was his best friend, and Woodrow tells him that he and Gypsy will be his new friends.
  • At 2am, Blind Benny leads them back home and Gypsy kisses him on the cheek to thank him for a wonderful night.

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