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Belle Prater's Boy Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Woodrow reads the family an essay he wrote for English class about how Blind Benny is the only person he knows who can see with perfect clarity because he can see beyond physical appearances.
  • They're all sitting around for Granny's birthday dinner and waiting for Porter to give them some surprise announcements.
  • He stands up and tells them all that they think it's about time that Gypsy put on a formal piano recital to show off how talented she is and display Granny's piano teaching talents.
  • Love and Porter have decided that they'll do this for her thirteenth birthday, which is two months away. They want to invite the whole town.
  • Gypsy gets excited thinking about how she can show off the tricky piano pieces she's been practicing.
  • Porter's other announcement is that he's been in touch with a doctor in Baltimore, and they're going to take Woodrow there to get his operation.
  • Woodrow is completely speechless, and everyone is thrilled. It's a fantastic birthday party for the whole entire family.

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