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Belle Prater's Boy Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • Woodrow is super excited by the fact that he has a bunch of new stuff. He's grown up poor since his daddy's a coal miner and has never had so many things purchased for him.
  • Grandpa bought him comic books, clothes, and all sorts of other stuff. Then Granny feeds them lunch and they're all in a great mood.
  • After lunch, Gypsy takes Woodrow to the barbershop. He's shocked because his father has always just put a bowl on top of his head and cut around it.
  • They go to Aker's Barbershop; Gypsy hasn't been since she went with her father as a little girl.
  • She introduces Woodrow to Clint Aker and some of the people at the shop start asking about his mother. Gypsy gets protective and tells them to stop bothering him.
  • Clint starts talking about how Amos used to come in here with Gypsy all the time and how you never saw one without the other. It's starting to make Gypsy uncomfortable, so Woodrow yells out that he shouldn't cut too much.

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