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Belle Prater's Boy Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • As Gypsy's mother helps put up her hair for bed, Gypsy asks her about how her father was Aunt Belle's sweetheart first.
  • Her mother tells her that she was so caught up in Amos's spell that she didn't realize what she was doing to her sister. Aunt Belle took it terribly, though, and she became depressed and isolated herself.
  • Gypsy assures her mother that it wasn't her fault that Aunt Belle was hurt, and it wasn't her father's fault either.
  • But her mother tells her about how she remembers the day that Aunt Belle finally came out of her room after being so depressed. She was all dressed up and said that she was going to find herself a beau—it was payday for the miners and there were dangerous drunks everywhere.
  • That was the night she met Everett Prater and ran away with him right then and there. A week later she was married.
  • Love was mad at her sister at the time, but now she sees that Belle was just hurt and needed to get away because seeing Love and Amos together every day was too painful for her.
  • Then her mother tells her that talking to her tonight feels almost like talking to another grown-up, and Gypsy feels all flattered.
  • She goes to bed and thinks about Aunt Belle and where she could have gone.
  • When it's almost morning, Gypsy has her recurring nightmare again—you know, the one where she finds an animal lying in a puddle of blood. The face is ugly and she can't figure out what it is; she wakes up crying and screaming like she always does.
  • Her mother comes in to comfort her while Gypsy cries about how she can never make out the animal's face.

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