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Beloved Three-Act Plot Analysis

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Three-Act Plot Analysis

Act I

Sethe and Denver are just about to start a new life with Paul D when Beloved appears on their doorstep. Their house isn't haunted anymore… or is it?

Act II

Things are heating up at 124 and not in a good way. Beloved's become one of the family, while Paul D's slowly getting cast out of the house. Not to mention, Beloved's worked her way into Paul D, if you catch our drift. Things really come to a head, though, when Paul D finds out about Sethe's bloody past and, as a result, leaves. Their split is about as far from a resolution as you can get in the book.


Little girls grow up. Ghosts are banished. Even people who didn't believe in love learn how to love (and live) again. In other words, it's almost a happy ending. Except, maybe, for Beloved, who may or may not be a spirit in the woods behind 124.

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