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Beloved Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • So we may have mentioned before that Denver's pretty obsessed with Beloved. Quite frankly, her obsession goes way beyond the way you knew all about Justin Bieber or that last crush you had.
  • But even though Denver spends all her time thinking about Beloved, it's not all that often that Beloved thinks about Denver.That's why it's so amazing to Denver when she catches Beloved looking at her. She feels beside herself, like she's floating and needing nothing.
  • It's Beloved who needs something from Denver. Denver just can't figure out what it is.
  • Perhaps that's because she doesn't actually know that much about Beloved.
  • After all, Beloved doesn't really have any answers to the questions Sethe asks her about where she came from. Except that she remembers being ripped from her mother's arms; looking down from a bridge—oh and a white man.
  • Sethe thinks that Beloved must have had something horrible happen to her, like the white man locked her up and had his way with her or something. That's probably why she can't talk about it—it's just too bad to remember.Plus, that would explain why Beloved acts so strangely around Paul D, whom Sethe thinks Beloved hates.But that's just what Sethe thinks.
  • Denver isn't sure that Sethe is right, but she doesn't say anything.
  • In fact, she makes a point of not asking Beloved questions. She's way more into the present anyway.
  • Instead, Denver tells Beloved stories about the work that they're doing and her memories of everyone like her brothers, Baby Suggs, and the people who come by to help them.
  • Escapist? Okay, maybe just a little. But cut her some slack: Denver's found a friend for the first time ever.
  • In fact, Denver starts making up chores for them. Who's ever heard of a kid doing more chores? Weird right? But it just proves how much Denver wants to be around Beloved. She's willing to do all sorts of extra work around the house, just as long as they get to do it together.
  • One cold afternoon, Beloved says she's thirsty. So Denver thinks of getting some cider.But the cider jug's in the cold room and it's heavy. Denver's going to need Beloved's help, so they go to the cold room together.
  • Cue some creepy music: it's dark in the cold room. Denver tries, but she can't see Beloved. Or hear her.Denver feels ice-cold.
  • Something's not right.
  • She starts to panic that Beloved has left her like the way her brothers and Baby Suggs have left her.
  • Then, all of a sudden, Beloved's just… there.
  • Denver doesn't even try to explain Beloved's appearance. She's just happy that she's not going to be alone.
  • Beloved says that she wants to stay here. She doesn't like "that place."Denver doesn't ask what "that place" is. She doesn't want to know.
  •  Instead, Denver secretly pinches Beloved's skirt and holds on to her.
  • Suddenly, Beloved points to a thin beam of sunlight coming through the chinks in the wooden wall.
  • Denver doesn't see anything, but Beloved sees a face.
  • Whose face? Denver wants to know. We do, too.
  • Beloved says, "It's me." And then smiles. (How's that hair on the back of your neck? Standing up yet?)

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