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Beloved Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • The same night, after Paul D and Sethe have gone upstairs, Denver sits down in the kitchen with Beloved.
  • She tells Beloved that Sethe likes having Paul D around, that Sethe might get mad if Paul D gets driven away.Beloved's upset, so she reaches into the back of her mouth and pulls out a tooth.
  • Wait what?! We know—it's weird. But hold on, this is important: we're now actually in Beloved's head—a first!
  • But wow, what a sad place it is. To Beloved, her tooth coming out is like a sign that, pretty soon, her whole body will just start to come apart in pieces if she's left all alone, without Denver and Sethe.
  • If her body doesn't explode, maybe she'll just get swallowed. At least, those are her two dreams (as in nightmares).Denver figures out that Beloved has probably taken out one of her wisdom teeth, and like the concerned sister she is, asks Beloved if it hurt.
  • Beloved says that it did.
  • But if so, why isn't she crying?, Denver asks.
  • Denver's right of course. So Beloved cries.
  • She sits down in the kitchen with Denver's arm around her shoulder, hoping that Denver's embrace will be enough to keep her from falling apart.
  • Clearly, Paul D and Sethe have no clue what's going on downstairs with the girls. Or for that matter, the fact that—now—the snow is really piling on and burying everything deeper.

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