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Beloved Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • So everything's happy at 124, right?
  • Well, not exactly.
  • As Denver sees it, things are even more rotten than they were when the house was haunted.
  • "Hate" might be a strong word for what Denver feels about Paul D… but then again, it might be pretty accurate. She's nasty to Paul D whenever she gets the chance.
  • Sethe gets mad at her about it, but Paul D tells Sethe to let Denver alone. He's convinced that she'll come around and start liking him eventually.
  • He does get frustrated with Denver though (who would blame him?) and tells Sethe about it.
  • Immediately, Sethe gets furious. She can say things about Denver, but no one else can.
  • Paul D can't believe how much Sethe loves Denver. And the first thing he thinks about is how dangerous it is for a "used-to-be-slave" to love anything.
  • After all, wasn't slavery all about teaching you not to love or trust anything?
  • Anyhow, Paul D's got a plan to help Denver start to like him.
  • The carnival is in town and doesn't everybody love the carnival?
  • Sethe's not so sure since she doesn't go to town very much (remember that whole pariah thing). But finally she agrees.
  • Everyone in town stares at Sethe, but Paul D's friendliness is contagious.
  • They all end up having a great time, including Denver, who buys lots and lots of candy.
  • Soon, even Denver's smiling.
  • As they walk home, it looks like their shadows are holding hands.

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