Study Guide

Beneath a Marble Sky Chapter 21

By John Shors

Chapter 21


  • Shivaji himself leads Jahanara and Nizam to her loved ones. Well, kind of: he is taking them to his own quarters so that they can have some privacy for their reunion. Aww, that's sweet.
  • Finally, Isa and Arjumand arrive at Shivaji's house, and the two are happily shocked. They'd thought Jahanara was dead.
  • Shivaji takes his leave and offers Nizam a place to stay with him that night to give the family some privacy.
  • Jahanara, Isa, and Arjumand revel in each other's company and share a happy dinner. Well…they're happy until Jahanara tells them the specifics of her deal with the Sultan.
  • Arjumand and Isa quickly begin plotting ways to finish the mosque sooner (as in, two years instead of five).
  • Arjumand finally goes to bed, and Isa and Jahanara get a chance to really reunite. Giggity.
  • The next morning, Shivaji shows up with four horses and instructions for the group to go rent a small cottage by the sea just north of Goa.
  • Shivaji has persuaded the Sultan to give the family a whole week together instead of two measly days. Sweet.
  • The family bonds during an uneventful journey and finally arrives at the sea after two-day ride. They all frolic in the ocean joyfully. After all, it's the first time they've ever seen it.
  • Jahanara is already busy plotting how to find Arjumand a man worthy of her.
  • The family gets to spend three days playing in the ocean and enjoying each other's company. Nizam even makes a sand-castle Taj Mahal.
  • The last night at the ocean is understandably bittersweet. Jahanara has to try to explain to Arjumand why she needs to return to Agra. (To help out her dad, remember?)
  • They all agree that someday, when they're together for good, they will all return to the sea.
  • Jahanara asks Isa to sketch a portrait of himself and Arjumand so that she can have something to look at during their separation.