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Beneath a Marble Sky Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Allah's Desertion

  • With a chapter title like "Allah's Desertion," we're gonna guess nothing good is about to happen.
  • Jahanara goes to the Red Fort disguised as an old woman to visit her father.
  • When she gets to her father's cell, Jahanara's dismayed to find that he's been overcome with illness again, and he's not doing well at all.
  • Jahanara storms out of the room to berate her father's guards and figure out why a physician hasn't been in to see him, but one of the guards is Aurangzeb's spy. He recognizes Jahanara despite her efforts at concealment.
  • Letting Dad get ill again was all a trap laid by Aurangzeb.
  • Jahanara is flung back into the cell and imprisoned. Again.
  • Jahanara keeps herself busy caring for her dying father.
  • Late that night, Khondamir shows up to torment Jahanara. He beats her, threatens the lives of Isa and Arjumand, and then violently rapes her.
  • Jahanara is completely desolate.

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