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Beneath a Marble Sky Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

The Clarity of Twilight

  • Our heroes all settle in a village just outside of Calcutta, by the sea.
  • Nizam and Arjumand start repairing people's homes in trade for food and other goods, and Jahanara and Ladli mend fishing nets with the other wives.
  • Arjumand falls in love with a fisherman, Ibrahim. Together they have two daughters (hey, we've met them: Gulbadan and Rurayya) and two sons. They lose one of the sons when he is just a baby.
  • After about a decade, our heroes decide that their village needs a mosque and a templeā€”so they build them facing each other, sharing a courtyard. Dara would have loved that.
  • They all grow old together very happily.
  • Ladli dies one day while going for a swim.
  • Arjumand and her family move to a fishing village near Agra.
  • Then, one day, when our heroes are even older, Isa is felled by a stroke. He lingers long enough for Jahanara to say goodbye to her true love.
  • Flash forward to the future again, where Jahanara is telling her story to her granddaughters.
  • We finally tie up the Shivaji plotline: he died in a landslide shortly after Isa and Arjumand went free, so he never did get to assassinate Aurangzeb.
  • Jahanara's granddaughters want to know why Jahanara doesn't confront her evil Emperor brother.
  • Jahanara says it's because revenge is hollow; she won in the grander scheme of things.
  • Jahanara bids farewell to her granddaughters and Nizam and walks to visit the Taj Mahal. She can still feel Isa in the Taj's stones.
  • Aww.

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