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Beneath a Marble Sky Revenge

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Revenge is kind of like quicksand: once you grow up, you realize it's much less of a problem than you thought it would be. In books, however, revenge can be a pretty big motivator for protagonists and antagonists alike.

In this book, revenge plays a huuuuuge role. People are getting revenge on each other back and forth. In Beneath a Marble Sky, it's tit for tat and tat for tit, over and over, and all that revenge has ramifications that seem to echo throughout the characters' entire lives. Some people like to play the long con, like Ladli, and others get their gratification through more immediate, violent methods—we're looking at you, Aurangzeb.

Questions About Revenge

  1. In the end, who gets the best revenge? Is it better because of methodology or because of the level of satisfaction it provides the character?
  2. Does Aurangzeb ever really get revenge on Jahanara?
  3. When does Aurangzeb's animosity towards his sister really start?

Chew on This

The immediate, violent kind of revenge is the most satisfying.

Although it may be less immediate gratification, Ladli's type of revenge—stealthy, secretive, and long-term—is way more satisfying in the long run.

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