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Bernice Bobs Her Hair Part 4

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Part 4

  • After some intense training, Bernice is ready for her first public appearance – a dinner and dance at the country club.
  • Bernice finds herself seated between two bachelors, one eligible, and one not. G. Reece Stoddard is a young lawyer and man about town, but Charley Paulson, her other neighbor, is kind of a nobody. However, Bernice remembers Marjorie's advice and takes the plunge with Charley.
  • Bernice breaks the ice with a crash and asks Charley if he thinks she should bob her hair.
  • This comment does the trick – everyone's suddenly paying attention to Bernice. A conversation ensues about bobbed hair and its questionable morality.
  • By the end of the evening, Bernice is the new toast of town, and even the picky G. Reece Stoddard is a fan.
  • Looking around for the elusive Marjorie, Warren is intrigued by Bernice's sudden popularity. He remembers that he thought she was pretty before he found out how dull she is. He's somewhat mystified by everyone's sudden interest in her.
  • At home that night, Bernice and Marjorie evaluate the night – it was clearly a success. Bernice is a little worried because she had to repeat some of her snappy lines with different men, but Marjorie tells her not to worry. They plan to make up more material later.
  • As Bernice gets ready for bed, she basks in the glory of what she's accomplished – she can't help but think that she really did a lot of it, even though Marjorie helped, and is proud. Her last waking thought is about how great Marjorie is, and how nice that boy Warren seems.

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