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The Guys: Otis Ormonde, G. Reece Stoddard in Bernice Bobs Her Hair

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The Guys: Otis Ormonde, G. Reece Stoddard

Like the other girls, these guys are mostly extra scenery; they're the male equivalents of Marjorie and her cronies. Well-bred, moneyed, and popular, Otis and G. Reece represent two opposite ends of the spectrum of successful young men – Otis is just at the beginning of his adventures in the social sphere (he's still in high school at the prestigious Hill School), while G. Reece, a recent Harvard Law grad, is an old hand at the complex delights of being a high society bachelor. They, like Genevieve, Roberta, and Martha, provide some background for the social drama that unfolds.

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