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Big Little Lies Facebook

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We know from David Fincher that there's an amount of darkness lurking behind the 'Book. But we're still really creeped out by the way Perry White posts pictures of his family looking shiny, happy, and perfect…and then turns around and abuses his wife and other women.

Perry would post pictures of them all frolicking in the snow on Facebook. He’d write something like: The boys have their first white Christmas! He loved Facebook. Everyone teased him about it. Big, successful banker posting photos on Facebook, writing cheery comments about his wife’s friends’ recipe posts. (9.4)

Of course Perry loves Facebook. The infamous social network—beloved among the greying Gen X and Boomer set—allows people to share the best-looking parts of their life and withhold anything messy, weird, or dark.

Perry is obsessed with appearances. He verbally abused Jane about her physical appearance, he picks aesthetically pleasing gifts, and he hates being made to look bad in front of other people. Facebook allows him to control the narrative of his life, to post perfect content that presents the image of a perfect life.

Perry's Facebook habit isn't just symbolic of his obsession with surface presentation, though. It also reflects the human impulse to take things at face value. The citizens of Pirriwee are terribly jealous of Perry and Celeste's perfect life, and never think to question it. They assume their tranquil little beach community can't harbor violence and evil.

And they're dead wrong.

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