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Big Little Lies Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Jane is not having a fancy-pants Canadian Christmas. 
  • She's lying in bed with her son, Ziggy. 
  • It's weird: Ziggy goes to bed in his own bed every night, but wakes up in Jane's. Neither of them remember how this happens. Does Ziggy sleepwalk? 
  • Now, Ziggy is still asleep. Jane studies his face. He looks sweet, like all sleeping kiddos. 
  • Could he really have choked Amabella? 
  • Jane's mom doesn't think so. She thinks Ziggy is more or less the reincarnation of Jane's grandpop, who was basically a saint. 
  • Jane doesn't know. She watches the sleeping Ziggy and has a quiet little Christmas morning freak-out.

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