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Big Little Lies Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • This chapter has a header: Four months before trivia night. 
  • It's also topped with a couple of quotes from the chorus of townsfolk/gossips: the detective says that the police force is considering all angles, and a woman seems shocked that the word "murder" is being thrown around. 
  • But we move pretty quickly from talk of murder to talk of playdates. 
  • We're at Madeline's house, and Chloe wants a playdate with Ziggy.
  • Everyone has an opinion about that. 
  • Madeline thinks it's a good idea—and she'd like a chance to reconnect with Jane. 
  • Madeline's husband Ed is a little worried—wasn't Ziggy the kid who choked Amabella? 
  • Abigail has a suggestion—why can't Chloe have a playdate with Skye? 
  • Skye is Abigail's half-sister, the daughter of Bonnie. This is more evidence that Abigail is besotted with Bonnie. 
  • This makes Madeline pretty ticked off. She's sick about hearing about perfect, young, wholesome Bonnie.

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