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Big Little Lies Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Celeste, Perry and the twins are going to pick up school uniforms.  
  • And, this time, their life doesn't seem amazing and envy-provoking. 
  • Celeste feels tender and detached, the way she always does "the morning after an argument." 
  • Uh-oh. What kind of argument? 
  • The night before, the kids were staying at grandma's. Celeste had made a seafood dinner. 
  • Everything was going great. 
  • And then...the computer froze. Perry offered to fix it…but he couldn't. 
  • From there, everything went sideways. Celeste and Perry fight until five a.m. and then have tearful make-up sex. 
  • We don't learn exactly what happens during the fight, but we know that Perry hits Celeste. He hits her hard enough that her shoulder is bruised and sore the next day. 
  • And we learn that this happens often. 
  • Every time it happens, Perry brings Celeste a piece of expensive jewelry. She never wears it, because it's tainted with violent memories.  
  • Back in the present, Perry, Celeste and the twins run into Renata. She wastes no time in talking about Jane and Ziggy—she says Ziggy choked Amabella, and that Jane is a delusional woman who can't accept blame for her kid's actions. 
  • Perry seems very concerned about the twins hanging out with Ziggy. He doesn't want them to be in the presence of a bad influence. 
  • The guy seems completely unaware of how hypocritical he's being. 
  • Celeste imagines asking Renata, point-blank, "Does your husband hit you? My husband hits me."

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