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Big Little Lies Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Madeline's talking to Celeste on the phone about Chloe's playdate with Ziggy. 
  • She wants Celeste to join, and to bring the twins. 
  • Celeste is evasive. Didn't Ziggy strangle Amabella…? 
  • But she drifts off without completing the thought. 
  • She does this a lot. In fact, Madeline and Celeste met when Celeste was mid-drift off. 
  • Dangerously enough, Celeste zoned out at the pool. Madeline had to jump in—dress, stiletto heels and all—and save Celeste's son Max. 
  • Remembering this now, Madeline realizes that Celeste never told Perry about this. 
  • Madeline and Celeste chat a bit: about aging, about Abigail's preference for Bonnie, about what they eat when their husbands are out of town. 
  • It's obvious they're good buddies.

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