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Big Little Lies Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Jane's at Madeline's house and she's overcome with envy. 
  • Madeline's not rich, but her house is super-homey in a very cozy, Australian way: beach towels on the porch, wild-looking grass out front. 
  • Madeline is dressed like a 1950s housewife, with a big skirt and sparkly shoes. Jane is amazed by her ability to accessorize. 
  • Madeline is amazed by Jane's ability to bake delicious muffins. She basically can't cook at all. 
  • Or, like, make grocery lists. 
  • Small drama erupts: Abigail is going to go to her dad's house to spend the night. And she hasn't told Madeline about her plan. 
  • Madeline is angry: Abigail needs to let her know what is going on. 
  • Abigail is angry: Madeline is being too controlling. 
  • Jane, meanwhile, is still envious about all this family mayhem. 
  • Fred and Ed walk in, fresh and salty from a surfing expedition. 
  • Inspired by seeing an especially adorable wedding photo, Jane asks how Ed and Madeline met. 
  • Apparently he first fell in love with her when he was a boy. Madeline played cricket like a champion…but she played it in full makeup and covered in jewelry. (Sounds like Madeline.) 
  • Years later, Ed and Madeline met again at a neighborhood barbecue. It's a tremendous love story. 
  • Jane is just about 99% green with envy at this point…and then she hears that super-beautiful, glamorous Celeste is showing up. 
  • Now her envy-o-meter is at 100%.

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