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Big Little Lies Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Madeline and Ed sit in bed together, talking about the day that's just passed. 
  • First they talk about Jane.  
  • She's damaged, says Ed. Just like Celeste. 
  • What does Celeste have to be sad about, wonders Madeline. 
  • Now she starts thinking about Abigail, and how Abigail seems to love her dad Nathan and her step-mother Bonnie more than she loves Madeline. 
  • Madeline remembers when it was just her and Abigail, the Mackenzie girls, living together after Nathan left them. 
  • At the time, she believed that Abigail would never love or trust Nathan, not after he skipped town to go hang out in Bali with a trashy hairdresser. 
  • But now, Abigail loves Nathan. Nathan has a pretty young wife. Nathan has a do-over young daughter. 
  • To Madeline, it seems like Nathan has…won.

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