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Big Little Lies Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Madeline has PMS. The PMS didn't start until her late 30s, and now it's hit her with a vengeance. 
  • Everything annoys her. Her kids are annoying. Ed is being annoyingly happy. 
  • At least the first day of kindergarten is shaping up to be beautiful. The sunshine is bright, the kids are all so beautiful and…oh, wait. There's Nathan, Madeline's ex-husband. 
  • Never mind. The first day of kindergarten is also annoying. 
  • Nathan and Bonnie come up to Ed and Madeline.  
  • Bonnie is annoyingly earnest, and talking about what a special bond Abigail has with Bonnie's mom. 
  • Nathan forgets Madeline's younger children's names, and then says that it's his first first day of kindergarten. 
  • No it's not, Madeline reminds him. Our older daughter, Abigail? She also went to kindergarten. 
  • Jane shows up, and Madeline is happy to see her. 
  • Well, "happy" is a relative term. She's not annoyed by Jane's presence, at least. 
  • But something does make her annoyed: the fact that Ziggy isn't invited to Amadella's birthday. 
  • She's livid. (She's also pretty pleased to have something to be righteously angry about.) 
  • Renata is chatting with Celeste when Madeline comes marching up. 
  • Madeline tells Renata that Chloe can't come to Amadella's birthday, since Ziggy wasn't invited. 
  • In the world of Pirriwee Prep, this is a declaration of war.

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