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Big Little Lies Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • We're with Jane as she works. She's a freelance accountant, so she's at home. 
  • And she's preoccupied with thoughts of Ziggy at school. Is he making friends? Is he being ostracized? 
  • She thinks back to her own childhood, to a girl that reminds her of Madeline. 
  • It's nice that Madeline has sided with her against Renata, but she really doesn't want to be dragged into a big drama. 
  • Also: what was her mom talking to Madeline about? She's pretty sure it had something to do with her weight. 
  • Maybe, thinks Jane, she should post something on Facebook guaranteed to get a lot of likes. 
  • If she can't have a perfect life in reality, at least she can have one on Facebook. 
  • Her friend texts her—does she want to be set up on a blind date? 
  • Uncharacteristically, Jane agrees.

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