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Big Little Lies Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Just as Jane is envious of Madeline, and Madeline is envious of Celeste, Celeste is envious…of Jane. 
  • Seems weird, but it's true: rich Celeste wishes for a spare, independent, unadorned life. 
  • When they go to pick up the kids after kindergarten, Celeste and Jane chat about their professional lives. 
  • Celeste used to be a lawyer. She loved it. 
  • Jane was meant to be a lawyer, she says cryptically. 
  • They recognize something in one another and agree to start going on walks together. 
  • Meanwhile, Madeline is doing her work for Pirriwee Theater. Her boss tells her that there are a bunch of extra, free tickets for Disney On Ice—does Madeline want them? 
  • It turns out that Disney On Ice is taking place on the same day as Renata's daughter's birthday party. 
  • Yes, says Madeline. She does want them.

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