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Big Little Lies Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • This chapter has the heading "Three months before Trivia Night.
  • Celeste and Perry are snuggling, watching TV, drinking red wine, and eating chocolate. 
  • It's pretty perfect. 
  • But then, spurred on by Celeste's decision to go to Disney On Ice instead of Amabella's birthday party, Perry gets angry. He grabs Celeste's shoulder, hard. He pushes her back. 
  • Celeste thinks about their life together.  
  • The first time Perry hit her, she said she would leave if it ever happened again. The second time, she was going to, but then her boys got sick. 
  • And then, as the violence got more frequent, Celeste figured that the time to leave had passed. She also realized that, by not leaving, she was giving Perry the signal that she wouldn't leave. 
  • Back in the present, Perry stops escalating the violence. He seems remorseful. 
  • Celeste knows that, for the next few days, he'll be contrite and tender. 
  • She has to admit: she likes this side of Perry—the remorseful, sweet Perry. 
  • Celeste is full of fear and self-loathing.

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