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Big Little Lies Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

  • The trip to Disney On Ice is a success, more or less. It's awesome—the eight kiddos and eight moms all have a great time, and the ice-skating princesses are thrilling. 
  • Too bad that Madeline is feeling a crisis of conscience—after all, she's undermining a five-year-old's birthday party. Too bad that Celeste is shaky from the previous night of being assaulted, and realizes yet again that she needs to leave her husband. 
  • And too bad that Jane loses Harry The Hippo, the kindergarten mascot that goes home each week with a different kindergartener, and whose exploits need to be meticulously documented in a photo journal. 
  • What will the other kindergarten moms think, Jane despairs, now that I've lost Harry the Hippo?

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