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Big Little Lies Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • It's now two months before Trivia Night, the chapter heading tells us. 
  • It's also the day of the kindergarten sports carnival. 
  • That means there's a barbecue, games, and sporting events that the parents and kids participate in. 
  • And Madeline is gung-ho about the whole thing. Since Chloe's house color is green, she's armed with green temporary hair dye. Abigail thinks this will impact the ozone layer. 
  • Abigail also wants to let her mom know that Bonnie will probably win all the races, because she's so young and fit. 
  • Madeline keeps her cool about this one. 
  • Too bad no one else in the house is keeping their cool. 
  • The younger kids are screaming about lost shoes, and Ed sharply reprimands Abigail for being rude to her mother. 
  • This is too much—Abigail says she has decided to move to her dad's house full-time. 
  • Madeline is shocked by how much this hurts her. 
  • At the carnival, she sees Nathan. He's polite, and she's even more polite. 
  • She doesn't want to show how much Abigail's decision is hurting her. 
  • Madeline meditates briefly on the indignity of aging, and then decides to participate in a relay race.

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